Looking for spotlight? It will be more durable and energy saving than ordinary incandescent spotlights. Perfect for living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, or exhibition lighting, these decorative and energy efficient led spotlights are suitable for home and office. The item that you desired are designed with a high-quality aluminum housing which is lightweight and durable. Suitable for discos, dance halls, ktv, bars, stages, hotels, parties, night clubs, banquets, playgrounds, etc. The item that you desired is equipped with high quality led light source and has no pollution, no noise and interference. This bulb is perfect for making incandescent lights or creating new, modern home item that you desired. The product is a multifunctional indoor item that you desired with a variety of functions, such as night lighting, architectural decoration light and so on. The color of the beam is bright, and the item that you desired is more vivid!

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