Lamp bases have high temperature resistance, good light stability and long service life. Meanwhile, lamp bases can be disassembled and assembled. It is widely used in acrylic lamp holder, bathroom light bar and so on. Suitable for led low voltage flexible light source, suitable for most acrylic lamps and lanterns. It can be used for acrylic lamps or photographic lights. This led wall lamp is an amazing product for your house, garden and office use as a nightlight and also an acrylic lamp. Suitable for all kinds of lamps, such as led light strips, led wall lamps, cabinet lighting, garden lights and other high-end places that need to be changed, and can be used with acrylic lamps. And suitable for led bulb holder, led light bar, night club, stage, studio and exhibition lighting, acrylic lamp bases. What’s more, suitable for led curing light sources such as uv, epoxy lamps and acrylic lampshades.

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