The desk lamps adopt a led touchless lamp, and the light is soft and not dazzling. Suitable for lamp, bedroom reading light. Creative acrylic led bird table lamp, suitable for living room and bedroom. It is suitable for student’s bedroom and as a lamp, gift for children. In the meantime, the desk lamps are equipped with a remote control, which can be used as an mobile phone holder or a table lamp. This desk lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery that is simply connected to your computer’s usb port and can be easily replaced with the included adapter. Desk lamp can effectively reduce blue light emitted by leds, and the human body is not afraid of long-term use. This is a modern lamp, suitable for home and office use. Desk lamp with led lamp, used to illuminate the table top and desktop lamp, soft and comfortable. It can be used as a table lamp, lamp and reading lamp.

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